"Putting You 1st, Always!"

"Putting You 1st, Always!" comes directly from my faith and belief in God, and Jesus Christ.  Jesus lived a perfect life teaching God's word, and then freely and willingly through extreme pain and suffering allowed Himself to be sacrificed for us by being nailed to a Cross.  Before Jesus, God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac and then stopped Abraham just prior to him killing Isaac his promised son.  Abraham's act of obedience foreshadowed the sacrifice and obedience of God's one and only Son, Jesus.  God put us First by allowing His First born and only Son to be sacrificed for us.  God didn't allow Abraham to do something so horrific as a parent of sacrificing their own child. But God Himself Allowed His Son Jesus to be sacrificed for us.  Jesus died for our imperfections, our mistakes, our trials and tribulations, and major life changing events so that we can turn toward God and Jesus in Faith.  This is how God, and Jesus Put Us First.


To our customers and our REALTORS®, I make this pledge to you:  No matter your religion, race, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, familial or marital status, or who you are:  We Commit and Pledge to "Putting You 1st, Always!" striving to give you great and excellent customer service. 


Ed Simpson - Principal Broker